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IT and Cyber law matter

IT and Cyber law matter: Today we often come across terms like ‘cyber crimes’, ‘net crimes’, ‘computer-fraud’, ‘cyber extortion’ etc. With the advent and advancement of internet, a new type of crime has developed. It is most commonly known as the cyber crimes. The term cyber generally means computer network or virtual reality. So, cyber crime can simply be defined as crime which involves cyberspace or computer network or a protected computer system. As our modern age is entirely dependent on network based facilities, a slight inconvenience on its part can cause a lot of problems. A single misplacement of information or a single wrong stroke on a keyboard button can literally cause great havoc and destruction. Though these technologies have empowered us to do a great deal of things, it has also put us in a vulnerable position. We have created these things but now we are sometimes helpless in front of our own creation. Honest mistakes may happen but some people are intentionally taking advantages of these weaknesses. What they are doing is called cyber- crime. They become active in the cyberspace and then use trickeries and evil methods to materialize their malicious desires which are often very harmful to individuals and group of individuals. These cyber-crimes are dangerous in nature and always pose serious threat to privacy at personal, public or national level.

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